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Why “The Rhythms of Grace?”

I believe that God has shown us in scripture that there is a pattern that He desires to see in our lives, an echo of His heart & a reflection of His will. As we walk in this pathway with Jesus, we find our feet falling where His did, steps of grace, spread throughout our days & woven through the whole of our life. This is that rhythm, the rhythm of grace as reflected, in one way, in my own life.

This blog, then, is part of my personal study & meditation time in Scripture. I am not attempting to teach through it, but if you find something that is teachable and you learn in the process or are provoked to thought, then I’m glad you came by. I do change up my study methods from time to time, so there will be brief times of silence within this blog.

My personal objective is to empower the bride of Christ to fulfill her God-given & God-gifted purpose by encouraging & challenging her in spiritual discipline & obedience to Christ, compassionately blessing others as she has been blessed, bringing the lost & broken of all races, ages & backgrounds to wholeness in Him.

I  am available for speaking or training events for churches, youth organizations and other para-church ministries. I can also be contacted on Facebook, Twitter and on LinkedIn.

For nearly 20 years, I have served in the local church with people of all races, backgrounds & age groups. I have been a part of building campaigns, minister transitions, weddings, funerals, VBS programs, family retreat events and most other ministry experiences. I have done counseling, sat on boards and participated in a wide variety of other volunteer opportunities, both foreign and domestic. God has been writing a passion on my heart for the deeper development of the multi-ethnic church over the last several years, and has given me a vision for ministry that includes the full reality & spectrum of peoples & nations that God intends to gather to Himself.

I am passionate about teaching, leading group studies and organizing community outreach efforts. I believe it is absolutely essential that the church steps out from the walls of her gathering places and engages actively and intentionally with the community where God has placed her. If the divides in our cities are going to be overcome, it will come through the love of Christ at work in His bride in her local context, not secular programs.

See some recent examples of my teaching & preaching:
Too Blessed to Be Stressed
From the Mouths of Angels
Real Jesus
In God We Trust – Poverty vs Plenty (Recording has delayed start)
40 Days of Prayer – The Lord’s Prayer
Made to Grow

I love walking through discipleship with people as they grow in Christ, helping them to unfold their giftings in Christ. I also believe that these gifts are to be used, actively & intentionally by each and every one of us who are in Christ. Scripture tells us that we are all ministers of the Gospel & I have a strong conviction concerning the priesthood of all believers.

My resume is available by request.

Education, Training & Certifications

  • Christian Academy of Louisville (Louisville, KY)- 1996
  • Milligan College (Milligan College, TN) — B.A. Youth Ministry, 1999
  • Ordination as Minister, Southeast Christian Church, Louisville, KY  – 2002
  • Kairos Course, Team Expansion (40 hours, 2012)
  • Kairos Instructor Course, Team Expansion (36 hours, 2012)
  • High Impact Volunteer Management, Newell & Associates (6 Hours, 2014)
  • Jonathan Training, Team Expansion (46 Hours, 2017)
  • Stadia CPAC Assessment & Recommendation – 2017

Professional Profile

  • Seasoned minister with decades of experience in teaching, preaching, writing & curriculum development in multiple social contexts & stages of church development.
    Natural planner & coordinator gifted in training, discipling & volunteer management.
  • Enjoys Systems/Planning/Coordination & building structures from scratch according to context. Utilizes available resources & according to actual need, leads the church to serve within her giftedness for the blessing of others & God’s glory.
  • Active in ministries of compassion, counseling/pastoral care &  prayer ministries (small group & whole church) to engage hurting people of all backgrounds for the sake of Christ in times of need.  Skilled with interpersonal relationships, identifying courses of action for healing & wholeness.
  • Experienced at building networks between local churches & ministries in order to reach out to the community in the best ways possible through the hands & feet, giftedness & resources of the local church.
  • Constantly developing an eye & skill set for graphics & design, social media & website management  in order to maintain a relevant presence for ministry.


  1. jghedgspeth · March 24, 2014

    Hey Dad just blogging through and I like your blog

  2. Becky · April 18, 2014

    The message today spoke to two discussions this is week, so I shared it was those individuals. Praying it will bring peace to their hearts.

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