On physical healing & spiritual resurrection

When Jesus, who raised the physically dead, said that His disciples would do even greater things than that, what do you think He meant? Physically dead people will die again, right?

Lazarus had to be buried a second time.

The widow’s son had to be buried a second time.

The man with the withered hand, whom Jesus healed? He and his hand wound up in a grave.

Why do we as Christians behave as though the resurrection of physical life is the greater power?

When a lost person comes to Christ and a spiritually dead person is brought back to life for eternity, isn’t that the greater gift? Isn’t that the more powerful work? Jesus made it possible for this to happen. The glory belongs to Him alone for this miracle. The spiritual work of healing and resurrection has the greatest importance.

I am not a cessationist, but I get confused about groups that want to make claims about trying to raise the physical dead when the spiritual death is the greater concern. Sure, physical miracles are cool, but they’re all temporary in nature. I’ve seen miraculous healing take place. I’ve personally experienced it in my own body. But that’s not the goal of Christianity.

There are close to 7000 unreached people groups on this planet, people who don’t know anything about Jesus and have never heard His Name. Isn’t the proper focus for our sustained efforts better spent on bringing Life to many rather than seeking a show of power for a select few? Yes, I want to see our Good Father bring good gifts to His children, but I also know that He is so good that He prioritized Jesus’ time and life around spiritual resurrection. If physical healing was the goal, then Jesus would still be here today healing everyone in person.

Only the resurrection of a dead soul will go on into eternity and is of the greatest consequence. Don’t be short sighted. Don’t get distracted by signs & wonders in the physical world (making them your goal/desire) when there are greater things to be done. Certainly, it’s beneficial when physical healing takes place, but let’s be -more concerned- about spiritual healing, discipleship and the spreading of this greater gift. Let’s focus on bringing this Life to the world rather than having holy huddles that only seek benefits for those who already know faith in Christ.

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