Psalm 119:57-64 // ח Khet // Considering God’s ways over our own

“57 The Lord is my portion;

I have promised to keep Your words.

58 I have sought Your favor with all my heart;

be gracious to me according to Your promise.

59 I thought about my ways

and turned my steps back to Your decrees.

60 I hurried, not hesitating

to keep Your commands.

61 Though the ropes of the wicked

were wrapped around me,

I did not forget Your instruction.

62 I rise at midnight to thank You

for Your righteous judgments.

63 I am a friend to all who fear You,

to those who keep Your precepts.

64 Lord, the earth is filled with Your faithful love;

teach me Your statutes.”

Psalm 119:57-64


Take stock in what you do. What are your priorities? How do they list out? Who or what is on top?

If we’re being honest with ourselves, we know that it is supposed to be God, but often we find ourselves struggling with that top position belonging to…ourselves. We seek a false “comfort” and “control” over submitting to God, because listening to Him means we’d have to change. Instead, we need to be willing to be used by Him to do what He desires as He grows and changes us into whomever it is He desires us to be.

Read through David’s words again, and ask God to hear what is coming from your own heart.

Read it more slowly, a third time, piece by piece, and ask God to work a change in your heart, to work willingness into your spirit. 

Read it a fourth and final time, making this desire your real prayer today. 



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