Psalm 119:17-24 // ג Gimel //

“17 Deal generously with Your servant

so that I might live;

then I will keep Your word.

18 Open my eyes so that I may contemplate

wonderful things from Your instruction.

19 I am a stranger on earth;

do not hide Your commands from me.

20 I am continually overcome

with longing for Your judgments.

21 You rebuke the proud,

the ones under a curse,

who wander from Your commands.

22 Take insult and contempt away from me,

for I have kept Your decrees.

23 Though princes sit together speaking against me,

Your servant will think about Your statutes;

24 Your decrees are my delight

and my counselors.”

Psalm 119:17-24

Read this psalm again, grasping David’s passion for the Word of God.

Read it a second time, considering your own.

Read it for a fourth and final time, speaking to God, thanking Him for the great and awesome gift of His Word and the certainty provided within its judgments. 



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